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External Resources: AS9100 Training

AS9100 Rev. D training is available from the following reputable and internationally recognized organizations. (Levinson Productivity Systems does not handle AS9100).

  • SAE International  Implementing AS9100 Rev. D
  • Bureau Veritas AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) Transition. April 10-11 2017 Orlando Florida, not far from Cocoa Beach and Florida space centers. Also available elsewhere.
  • BSI AS9100 Rev. D Transition
  • SAI Global  Preparing for the AS9100 Rev. D Transition April 13 and June 12 2017 (Orlando, not far from Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island), and also available elsewhere.
  • ASQ AS9100 Lead Auditor Training

Specializing in Quality Management Systems, Advanced Industrial Statistics, and Lean Manufacturing

Vision and Mission Statement

Henry Ford believed and proved that industry holds the solution to most of society's problems. Nothing has happened to change this; manufacturing, and only manufacturing, can create almost limitless wealth. Manufacturing is the foundation of the United States' affluence and national security, and our nation must preserve and expand its manufacturing base. Industrial methods can also reduce the cost of services while improving their quality, and this has critical implications for health care. It is the mission of Levinson Productivity Systems to help clients achieve this vision through lean manufacturing, statistical, and quality assurance methods.

New from Levinson Productivity Systems

This is the first comprehensive treatment of non-normal distributions that often appear in real factories as opposed to the cooperative bell curves that populate most textbooks. Methods for handling them do NOT rely on normal approximations or even transformations. The book also addresses the effect of gage capability on process performance indices and outgoing quality, and provides an overview of multivariate methods.

February 2, 2010. We have read several articles that suggest that long periods of sedentary work (e.g. at a computer) increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. We therefore offer a free downloadable recurring alarm that the user can set as a reminder to stand, stretch, and/or walk around at user defined intervals. Freeware, no warranties are implied or expressed, but we use it every day. Update March 6 2017. We are now using a variable-height desk that provides the option of standing while working. This has delivered tangible health and productivity benefits.

What We Do



  • Statistical process control and process capability studies for non-normal distributions
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • ISO 9001:2015 readiness including risk based thinking



NEW (AUGUST 2016): EpiPen alternatives for as little as $10 (a doctor's prescription is required)

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