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6S (5S + Safety)
ISO 45001

Productivity and Lean
Cycle Time; the Value-Adding Bang
Grok the Muda
Lose the Luddites
Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Learn to See the Waste
Shingo Process Maps
Culture: a Decisive Competitive Advantage

Failure Mode Effects Analysis*
Dynamic Control Plans*
* will be updated per AIAG VDA

SPC, Process Capability, Gage Capability
What to do when it's not a bell curve
Process capability analysis (including non-normal)
Measurement systems analysis (R&R)
Statistical Process Control (including non-normal)
Introduction to Design of Experiments

Acceptance Sampling
ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 and Sequential Sampling
Zero Acceptance Number (c-0) Plans

ISO Standards
ISO 9001:2015, Easier than you Think
Risk in ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 and 50001, and the Bottom Line
Risks of Omission
Make ISO 9001 the Servant, not the Master
Risks and Opportunities in ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9004:2018

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Frederick Winslow Taylor told us this in 1911 (Principles of Scientific Management).

Specializing in Quality Management Systems, Advanced Industrial Statistics, and Lean Manufacturing

Vision and Mission Statement

Henry Ford believed and proved that industry holds the solution to most of society's problems. Nothing has happened to change this; manufacturing, and only manufacturing, can create almost limitless wealth. Manufacturing is the foundation of the United States' affluence and national security, and our nation must preserve and expand its manufacturing base. Industrial methods can also reduce the cost of services while improving their quality, and this has critical implications for health care. It is the mission of Levinson Productivity Systems to help clients achieve this vision through lean manufacturing, statistical, and quality assurance methods.

What We Do



  • Statistical process control and process capability studies for non-normal distributions
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) and acceptance sampling
  • ISO 9001:2015 readiness and implementation
  • Lean manufacturing



News and Updates

  • July 20 2018 "Three Apple workers hurt walking into glass walls in first month at $5bn HQ." Unmarked glass doors and walls in workplaces can be dangerous; people can walk into them the same way birds can fly into them. Treat as a hiyari hatto ("experience of almost accident situation") to avoid hazardous workplace conditions. See "Glass manifestations" as required by the UK, but not in most of the United States.
  • May 3 2018 "How Henry Ford Saves Men and Money" By Louis Resnick. National Safety News, September 18, 1920This is in the public domain due to age (1922 or earlier),  and a copy is available from Google Books, but we have added numerous annotations that underscore valuable safety principles that are directly applicable to ISO 45001.
    • This article also underscores a parable related to Sun Tzu's Art of War. Three brothers became medical doctors long ago. The youngest cured serious diseases, so he was known throughout the realm. The second brother cured diseases in their infancy, so his name never went beyond his village. The eldest prevented the diseases, so his name remained unknown. We will never know how many thousands of workplace injuries and fatalities were prevented by Robert A. Shaw's work, but it is past time that he got the credit.
  • March 23 2018  ISO 9004:2018 (Quality of an organization — Guidance to achieve sustained success) clause 6.2 includes "Mission, vision, values, and culture." We have developed a 1-hour presentation on organizational culture as an overwhelming competitive advantage (as proven from historical examples). We have also developed one on ISO 9004:2018 itself.
  • March 23 2018 ISO 45001 (successor to OHSAS 18001) became available on March 13.
  • Dec. 22 2017 Excellent video by BSI on the transition to ISO 14001:2015. BSI is a highly regarded organization with a lot of valuable knowledge to offer.
    • 3.1 trillion British pounds is a lot of waste (muda) just waiting to be eliminated and turned into higher profits, higher wages, and lower prices simultaneously as done by Henry Ford. We recommend, however, a focus on all material waste as opposed to environmental aspects. Anything that doet not come out of the process as saleable product is waste. 
    •  Video by SGS, another highly regarded certification body, on ISO 14001:2015
  • Dec. 22 2017 iLearningU video (first of three, the video links to the others) on how to respond to ISO 9001 audit findings.
    • Audits are NOT adversarial activities! Their purpose is to find potential problems with your quality management system (an inanimate object) before they can manifest themselves in ways you and your relevant interested parties will not like, such as scrap and customer returns. If you go to the dentist, for example, you want him or her to find little cavities before they grow up to become big cavities or even problems that will require crowns or root canals.
  • Dec 22 2017 "The Role of Specification Limits." Excellent explanation of rational subgroups. If your control charts don't work, incorrect selection of the rational subgroup might be the issue.
  • Dec 22 2017 "Calibration and Measurement Systems: The Unsung Hero in Quality Efforts" Excellent article at Quality Magazine
  • Dec 22 2017 "Counterfeit Parts and the 1,000 Risk Priority Number." Our article at Quality Digest.
    • Counterfeit parts can have severity ratings of up to 10 (especially in military, automotive, and aerospace), occurrence ratings of up to 10 because they are introduced deliberately, and detection ratings of up to 10 because malicious efforts are made to conceal them.
  • Dec 22 2017 Process Capability Analysis book by Dr. Neil Polhemus (StatGraphics), review at Quality Digest.
  • August 2016  EpiPen alternatives for as little as $10 (a doctor's prescription is required)
  • February 2, 2010. We have read several articles that suggest that long periods of sedentary work (e.g. at a computer) increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. We therefore offer a free downloadable recurring alarm that the user can set as a reminder to stand, stretch, and/or walk around at user defined intervals. Freeware, no warranties are implied or expressed, but we use it every day. Update March 6 2017. We are now using a variable-height desk that provides the option of standing while working. This has delivered tangible health and productivity benefits.

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