COVID-19 Shuts Down Businesses; We Need to Take It Seriously

COVID-19 is making a comeback because we are repeating the mistakes that were made in 1918, specifically letting our guard down when the disease still exists. People are not taking social distancing guidelines seriously, and resent wearing face masks.

Gregory, John. 2020. “Workplace outbreaks leading to COVID-19 surge in LA, health officials say.”  The reference adds that an apparel company was shut down after 300 workers were infected. Health inspectors are finding thousands of violations (Los Angeles) on a weekly basis. This is why the disease continues to cause deaths and illnesses, and also business shutdowns.

Hayes, Rob. 2020. “Los Angeles Apparel factory shut down after more than 300 workers contract COVID-19

My position is that, not only should face masks be used–actually, respirators should be used if they are available and not needed by health care workers–but their performance should be enhanced with mask tighteners for earloop masks, and mask sealers or mask bracers that press the filter material to the face to reduce air leakage. The mask material, regardless of how good it is, offers no protection in either direction against aerosols that can go around it.

OSHA’s “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19” is an excellent resource.

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