Grow Meat in Bioreactors to Reduce Costs

AIChE Journal Highlight: How Can Chemical Engineers Help to Lower the Cost of Cultivated Meat?

(1) Most of the food used to raise an animal is wasted on metabolism.

(2) Much of the animal consists of “byproducts,” a polite word for things nobody wants to eat and, although dogs will eat them, I would not feed to my dog either. (E.g. “chicken byproducts”)

(3) Animal husbandry creates substantial greenhouse gases (methane)

(4) There are ongoing reports of animal cruelty including transportation and handling of animals under poor conditions.

The production of meat in bioreactors eliminates all these problems. Meat can be produced at lower costs, possibly without unhealthy content like fat and cholesterol, and without animal cruelty issues.

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