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 Internet Privacy Resources
  1. How to ban Web sites from access to your computer.
    • This is a useful way to ban advertising Web sites from even accessing your computer. Add their domain names to your HOSTS file. Helpdeskgeek shows how to do it. This is even more effective than ad-blocking software because the entire advertising domain or subdomain is banned from your computer.
  2. How to block advertising (clutter)
    • Adblock Plus will block a lot, if not most, unwanted content. The default setting, which we use, does not block non-invasive advertising such as banner ads that appear off to the side. We recognize that many Web sites rely on legitimate advertising income to provide free content, so we do not block non-invasive ads. Adblock Plus can also be configured to exempt sites you like and want to support even though the advertising does not match Adblock's criteria; we have safe-listed many such sites. On the other hand, pop-up ads that intrude over the desired content, or uninvited video or audio that play without us clicking on it--one strike and they're out (unless they are hosted by sites we really want to support.)
    • UBlock Origin also is useful, and works on Chrome, Firefox, and possibly other browsers.
  3. How to block (or remove) tracking cookies
    • Levinson Productivity Systems PC respects visitors' privacy and does not use tracking cookies. We use Cookie AutoDelete by Kenny Do to ensure that the sites we visit respect ours. This add-on is available for Firefox and Chrome (that we know of) and can also safe-list sites you visit frequently and for which cookies save you time..

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